Sunday, October 24, 2021

LTE: Reconsideration

On Monday, April 15, 2019, the City Council approve by SIMPLE MAJORITY VOTE of 4 to 3, Ordinance No. 19-10 for Capital Expenditures not to exceed 10 percent of the average of last (4) fiscal years General Fund Revenue. This was a fiscally conservative maneuver. The ordinance also required AMENDING or REPEALING the Ordinance, it would REQUIRE a SUPER MAJORITY VOTE, 5 to 2 to do so.

This establishes a very serious precedent prohibiting future councilors to be able to amend or repeal ordinance. In most instances you would never have (5) five councilor to agree on most ordinances.

The founders of the City in establishing the City Charter required that it takes (5) votes to HIRE a City Manager, but only (4) votes to FIRE a City Manager. They had the foresight to recognize that they would almost NEVER get (5) votes to FIRE.

If this ordinance is that important, a SUPER MAJORITY VOTE should have been required to passing this ordinance as well a SURPER MAJORITY VOTE to AMEND or REPEAL this ordinance.

I recommend that a COUNCILOR who voted in the positive (for the original ordinance) request a RECONSIDERATION of this ordinance and propose that a SIMPLE MAJORITY VOTE be required to amend or repeal this ordinance or that this ordinance be APPROVED, AMENDED or REPEALED by a SUPER MAJORITY VOTE!!


Respectfully Submitted,
Amadeo Petricca
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