Saturday, October 23, 2021

LTE: Quality Improvement or Sour Grapes?

Marco Island Police Chief Al Schettino is attentive, compassionate and intensely serious about the safety and wellbeing of all Marco Island Citizens and visitors.

Every New Year’s Eve, Chief Schettino is NOT home celebrating with his family or friends like most of us. Instead, he is out all hours of the night patrolling for offenders setting off illegal fire works that threaten the safety and wellbeing of people, homes, pets and wildlife.

No thanks to a previous police chief, Schettino inherited an officer he could not terminate because the police union prohibited such action.   Additionally, a serious sexual situation involving three officers occurred on Chief Schettino’s watch, but the Chief is NOT the cause of why these officers behaved immorally and unprofessionally.  These officers are responsible for their own despicable actions and should be held accountable!!

When teachers are abusive or inappropriate, they are fired, not the principal. If a football player is accused of a criminal offense, management would not fire the coach for the player’s offense.

It would have been far more productive and less costly to the taxpayers, if Chief Schettino had been given the courtesy to meet with the interim City Manager to discuss and assess these problems, and to form an action plan for solutions.  This is fundamental in any quality improvement program.  It appears that the City does not have such a program in place.

Forcing Chief Schettino to retire was a rush decision most likely heavily influenced by a few resentful, mean spirited and persuasive individuals with a personal vendetta.  What a shame!  How unfair to the Chief and to the citizens of Marco Island.

Linda J. Turner

Marco Island

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