Sunday, October 24, 2021

LTE: Proud of My Sign

The recent attack on the Marco Island Police and Chief Al Schettino has finally gone over the line.

Chief Schettino does not deserve this type of treatment. He has done nothing to disgrace his position but has brought back respect and professionalism to our department. He is committed to his community and to those that serve with him.

Mr. Honig disgraces his office and the oath he took. He attempts to manipulate his $15,000 a month “puppet” that they recently installed as our interim manager.

It appears Mr. Harden has been put into place to continue the Honig/Niblock Valentine’s Day Massacre scenario that was being planned prior to the arrest of Mr. Niblock.Who will be next, Samantha Malloy at Parks and Recreation, Chief Murphy at the Fire Department? It was a well-known fact that the axe was going to fall on those who were on “the list,” those that had fallen out of favor with some councilors.

Mr. Honig’s insulting nature is not representative of the Marco Island Community and he should be the one to go and I am proud of my “Keep the Chief” sign.

Dale Downey

Marco Island

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