Wednesday, January 19, 2022

LTE: Pave Paradise and put in a Parking Lot???

Recent videos and written form confirm:

Video shows Candidate Richards suggesting “buy it” (the land) “put in a three story parking lot”.

Parks and Recreation Committee say ” the latest plan is consistent with the 2009 plan and what the majority of Islanders want to see at Veterans Park.”

Councilman Reed video shows ” proposing an office that will serve as a coordination center for all the amenities”… “I have not yet populated this kitchen with ovens, stoves and refrigerators”. with “EMS base of operations”.( again, on Veterans Community Park Property).

Candidate Swiacki does “SUPPORT moving forward with the plans for Veterans Community Park”…… “let’s get this project DONE”!!! “as the City moves forward turning Veterans Community Park into the Island Centerpiece Swiacki envisions”.

A recent questionnaire asks “would you support borrowing up to Five Million dollars to complete the build-out of Veterans Community Park.”


Is this what you REALLY want?
Re-electing Rios, electing Brechnitz and Young will bring in three experienced Conservatives.

They, will get our house in order, clean up unfinished business, hire a qualified City Manager and move forward with the fiscal conservative approach we all want.

Let us get back to Marco Strong!!!!.

Respectfully submitted.

Virginia Bingle

Marco Island

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