Friday, October 15, 2021

LTE: Mourning the Loss of Margaret Kellen

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Returning recently to our Marco Island winter home, we learned very sad news. “Going to Sunset” at South Beach, a nightly ritual for many people, will never be quite the same. This past fall we lost a wonderful neighbor known by some as the “Mayor of South Beach.” Peg (Margaret Ann) Kellen passed away at age 91 in early November. She and her husband Bill Harrison (late 90s), who has moved out of state to be with family, created a community on the boardwalk. Rarely did they miss the nightly two-block walk from their condo to the South Beach entrance. They called sunset watchers by name, offered advice, local news updates, sympathy, hugs and even remembered some birthdays. Bill always had a pocketful of chocolates. Peg also played matchmaker! One evening several years ago, Peg called out to a couple coming off the beach after a walk. She confirmed that they were from Minnesota and then called me over to introduce us. Thanks to Peg, we’ve become good friends and see each other year-round. 

Peg and Bill are missed. Thanks to all who had the good fortune of knowing Peg and Bill and who are carrying on the “sunset” tradition.

Nancy Kleeman

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