Thursday, January 27, 2022

LTE: Mary Pat Sullivan

Dear Editors,

I’m sure you would like to hear how people feel about ordinance no. 15-01. I understand the City Council’s wish to pass a rental ordinance for Marco Island to eliminate the problems of renters making too much noise, parking haphazardly, and housing too many people.

However, I respectfully disagree that condominiums are contributing to these problems. Condo associations have the backing of Florida statute to have rules & regulations to prevent these problems, and more importantly we have the backing of Florida statute to enforce these rules by fining the violators.

Their complicated registration proposal (and having someone on call 24×7) will add a significant burden to our property management companies who in turn will pass the costs onto all owners whether they rent their unit or not. It will also add a significant burden to our rental agencies who again will pass the costs onto the owners. Condominium owners are being penalized even though condos are not part the problem. Shouldn’t the police be taking care of these problems?

I have asked the Council to please consider my request that condominiums be excluded from this ordinance, or at least be given an option to “opt out” from it.

Mary Pat Sullivan
Marco Island condominium owner

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