Friday, January 21, 2022

LTE: Kimberly Hastings



Good afternoon,

As an owner of a condominium in the Merida complex at Cape Marco, I feel compelled to express frustration at the proposed Rental Ordinance that is up for it’s second reading at the City Council meeting Monday, March 16th. This ordinance is unfairly pointing the finger at all rental properties, instead of addressing the problematic ones.

First, condominium rentals are not, and have never been, an issue since every single condominium has an Association that puts in place documents, by-laws, and strict rules to take care of problem renters. Our building, specifically, does not allow rentals of less than 30 days and also has written rules for noise levels. In essence, our Condominium Association and Management take care of these issues very quickly and effectively. Every single person who rents or stays in our building is given a copy of our rules and regulations.

Second,  there is no opt out clause for condominium complexes that are following the ordinance that is being proposed. Section 2 of the ordinance attempts to allow blanket registration for buildings as a whole, but this will require significant reporting by our association, at the cost of the owners. Please keep in mind that many of the owners in our building do not rent their units and will be forced to pay for this even though it does not apply to them.

Third, Section 2 also requires building code and annual fire inspections. This is already being done in condominium complexes and is covered by other ordinances. This is a duplication of requirements, and will cause higher fees for any and all condominiums on the island.

Fourth, the original intent of the rental ordinance was to ‘fix’ the problem of transient rentals, which are defined by the Florida Statutes as less than 30 days. The ordinance has now grown to include any rentals of less than a year, therefore adding properties that have not caused a problem. Any trip to our complex and surrounding area will show you that it is very quiet and well kept.

Based on these points above, all condominiums in Marco Island should be either ‘excluded’ from this ordinance, or at least, give the option to ‘opt out’ with no cost or any other bureaucratic process. In addition, the ordinance’s scope should be reduced to the original problem of transient rentals, which is rentals of less than 30 days.

Thank you,

Kimberly Hastings
Merida at Cape Marco
990 Cape Marco Drive – 1007

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