Friday, January 28, 2022

LTE: Keyboard Commandos

Many people have received negative emails about me. These emails were sent from the same “Keyboard Commandos” that sent thousands of emails during the 2016 City Council campaign to prevent me from getting elected. They succeeded. I ask you: “How well has this dysfunctional Council worked for Marco Island?”

You may have seen an edited video of me discussing a proposed structure for the Veteran’s Community Park presenting the pros and cons for this project. At that time, I was the Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and that agenda topic was passed along to me for “committee discussion.” I was simply doing my job… discussing.

We do not live in Nazi Germany, Communist Soviet Union, or repressed China! On Marco Island we should be able to discuss ideas and consider options without hysteria, innuendos, or distortions. If the options are not viable, then end of that discussion. The City of Marco Island has established advisory committees and a Planning Board so that ideas can be DISCUSSED.

In the 2016 surveys and at recent public meetings, the majority of citizens expressed support for a band-shell, decent rest rooms, shade trees, walking paths and perimeter parking, leaving the remainder of the property (94%) as green-space. I supported this in 2016 as Chairman of Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and will support it again in 2018 as your city councilor.


Anonymous emails sent by cowards with snippets of videos taken out of context are smear campaigns. They have no credibility, deserve zero interest, and zero of your time.

Jerry Swiacki

Candidate for Marco Island City Council

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