Wednesday, October 20, 2021

LTE | Illegal Dune Vegetation Removal at Madeira

It was with outrage and total disbelief, when I read Maria Lamb’s article in the current issue of the Coastal Breeze regarding the above subject. The blatant disregard of environmental laws is very disturbing and should be of great concern, especially for those, who are in charge of enforcing these laws. It must have been obvious for anyone watching the activities on the beach that the bulldozers were not there to help kids building sand castles. Where is the massive protest of concerned citizens and especially those residents, who are directly affected by the illegal removal? Hopefully the Florida DEP will live up to the responsibility in its name and force the law breakers to bring the beach back to the status quo ante, i.e. to replant all vegetation that was removed illegally. In addition it should impose significant monetary penalties – not just ridiculously low, meaningless fines – on the violators to deter future repeats.

Klaus-Peter Voss

One response to “LTE | Illegal Dune Vegetation Removal at Madeira”

  1. Joseph Schalasky says:

    Why is it that Tradewinds, Admiralty and other condos are under water and there is NO concern? “It’s private property!” That is what has been stated from the City and County!
    So, it’s ok for government entities to destroy or cause flooding to Private property and then walk away?! Tradewinds has water completely submerging their sidewalks and pool decks and Admiralty cannot get to the beach without wading through 8” of water. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED PRIOR TO THE BEACH RENOURISHMENT that raised the beach 3 1/2’ feetand covered the last six feet of their bridges.
    All this change in height has created a trap for standing water that will stagnate and breed bumper crops of mosquitos!
    Contrary to what they say, I have lived here for 12 years and NEVER seen water in these areas! Certainly nothing that stuck around or amounted to anything close to what’s there now! Pumps cannot keep up!
    I would think lawsuits are just around the corner! Time for government to actually work for the taxpayers that pay their salaries!

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