Wednesday, January 19, 2022

LTE: Humanity Check

Fortunately for Marco Island, few people possess the level of hated, anger, and bullishness that have been obvious in Ed Issler’s LTE’s, four page unsolicited emails and cell phone conversations overheard in public. It appears that Ed has an enormous amount of free time and perseverance. His last malicious LTE curiously was publicized on the same day as the Marco Eagle’s report of the complaint filed with the Florida Elections Commission with accusations against Jerry Swiacki. The filing could not have been better timed for a smear campaign, right on target, just before early voting.

I would suggest that Ed’s free time and awesome organizational skills would be better served for worthwhile causes such as childhood leukemia, the Children’s heart Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, any of the many Marco Island community organizations, and last but not least, an occasional visit to his local religious establishment. Being involved and supporting organizations is a kind, charitable and constructive way of giving back to civilization instead of degrading it. It might dispel some of the anger and need for revenge.

Living here in paradise, we should all appreciate that life is too short to endure such ridiculous meanness, negativity and deceitfulness. I am sick and tired of it on all levels, including state and federal government. Why does it have to be so ugly here on our little four by six mile island? Most of us moved here to enjoy the rest of our lives, not do combat.

As they say in our church, even to Ed, “Peace be with you.” Jerry and I will continue to live on this beautiful island with civility, respect, and a sense of doing our best to serve this great community.

Linda J. Turner,

Wife of Jerry Swiacki, Marco Island City Council Candidate

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