Wednesday, October 20, 2021

LTE | Howling Wolves?

Marco’s city council recently approved dispensing medical marijuana within city limits. This is a happy convenience for medical marijuana patients.

Currently, Florida doesn’t allow the use of marijuana recreationally, that is, for its mind-altering abilities. However, profit-motivated interests consistently lobby Florida legislators to legalize recreational marijuana. Someday, these lobbyists might succeed. It’s easy to realize how legalizing recreational marijuana someday could affect our small island’s safety of roadways, waterways and community.

Marco could protect itself against future, state-legalized recreational marijuana by simply having a city ordinance making recreational marijuana unlawful within city limits. Most importantly, if someday Florida legalizes recreational marijuana, a predated Marco prohibition ordinance could legally survive. That is why a Marco citizens committee, Ban Recreational Marijuana, (BRM), was formed, proposing such an ordinance NOW. I proudly join and endorse that effort.

Predictably, advocates of using non-medical, mind-altering recreational marijuana are surfacing. Some of them shamefully ignore the difference between medical and recreational marijuana by suggesting that opponents of recreational marijuana are cruel, heartless, uncaring monsters. Such strategy works for folks that think medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are one and the same thing. They, of course, are not. Other protesters try to ridicule, denigrate or insult Marco citizens concerned with possible legalization of recreational marijuana. BRM committee citizens have laughingly been criticized and accused of “Barking at the Moon.” Now, I’ll agree with that last accusation. Studies show that wolves “bark at the moon” for three reasons: 1) to rally; 2) to signal and 3) to warn. Those are exactly the aims of Marco’s “Ban Recreational Marijuana” committee. Please study the petition when it arrives. Most of you will agree with its purpose.

Russ Colombo
Marco Island

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