Thursday, January 27, 2022

LTE: Elizabeth Moran Di Stefano



I own a condo in the Duchess on Marco Island and I have been notified about the the proposed ordinance No. 15 and want to point out that I am totally against including condominiums in this ordinance as I feel it is unnecessary for a variety of reasons. Proposing blanket registrations for condos will place additional responsibilities on condo management to file paperwork with the City, and will require an annual City fee to the Association for the right to rent units.  This proposed new rental ordnance should not apply to condominiums, who already have their own rules in place.  Expanding this ordnance to condos is unnecessary as, from what I understand,  the whole reason for a City sponsored rental ordnance is because a few private home rentals have had trouble with renters.  There have been no rental issues in condominiums.  The City already has a nuisance and noise ordinance that is meant to cover potential problems.  Once again, I feel strongly that it is unnecessary to include condominiums, who by their very nature, already have strong rules in place.


Elizabeth Moran Di Stefano

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