Wednesday, October 20, 2021

LTE: Dr. Jerry Swiacki for City Council

In the 45 years I’ve worked as a general surgeon, I’ve learned that one of the first objectives you have to accomplish with a patient and a family is to establish a bond of trust between all parties.  A surgeon is akin to an orchestra conductor, leading many professionals that must come together under the direction of the surgeon to ensure the success of the operation.

As I pondered the decision to run for city council I found a direct correlation between my professional life and the challenges facing the future of our community.  Our residents and our employees have had that bond of trust broken between themselves and some that govern from the dais.

Like you, I’ve come to love this community and all the wonderful aspects of it.  However, if we continue on this unfortunate path, we do so with great peril for those that have chosen to make this their home.

We can’t change the past, but learn by it instead as we seek to restore the trust and confidence our residents should have in its council.  We also need to re-establish the trust and confidence our city employees deserve to have in their city council.

Our city’s governing body has drifted into troubled waters and my goal is to assist in restoring its credibility with our wonderful citizens and our employees.  As your city councilor, I will strive to:

  • Provide our community with a functioning city council.
  • Work immediately to hire a qualified chief executive to run our city, while showing our genuine thanks to our interim manager and his staff for their great sacrifices.
  • Seek a more productive relationship with Collier County and seek a return of additional tax dollars that flow off the island.
  • Our greatest asset, besides our residents, is our environment. We must protect it with a balanced approach to maintaining property rights and values.

I care about Marco Island and its citizens.  I hope you will support and vote for me for Marco Island City Council.  I will serve honestly and transparently.


Dr. Jerry Swiacki

Marco Island


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