Saturday, January 29, 2022

LTE: Contrasting Capers

Letters to the Editor

Picture this: You’re a mid-sixties retiree, enjoying sailing radio-controlled sailboats on Marco’s Mackle Lake with fellow club members. Passersby stop to watch when suddenly one collapses and doesn’t rise. You rush to him, recognize the unresponsiveness and order someone to call 911. You administer CPR until the ambulance arrives. The victim eventually recovers fully. Your quick action is credited with having saved the victim’s life.

This scenario actually DID happen. The life-saving hero was Marco resident Rocky Cale.

Now, fast forward a few years to the same spot, with Rocky and friends still sailing their little RC sailboats on Mackle Lake. The lake is choked with overgrown weeds and, as usual, club members clear the necessary area manually. This has been the procedure for over fifteen years. Incredibly, however, this time, Rocky, (alone), is placed under arrest by the Fish and Wildlife Commission for removing vegetation without a permit. At the County jail, his belongings are removed, he’s given the orange jumpsuit, finger printed and mug-shot. Luckily, Rocky’s wife scraped up the $1,000 bail, enabling Rocky to await a September 12 court date at home instead of in jail…for pulling weeds!

Epilogue: Brief research so far turned up the following: The Fish and Wildlife people were called in by Marco’s Park and Recreation Manager, Samantha Malloy apparently without authorization from her superiors. An adversarial relationship has existed between Rocky and Malloy for some time over an unrelated City matter. Word count limitations prohibit more details here, but please stay tuned. Could YOU be next?

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