Saturday, January 29, 2022

LTE: And the Beat Goes on…

If there’s such a thing as an amusing tragedy, last week’s Council meeting qualifies:

Councilor Grifoni received a plaque commemorating his term as Chairman and presumably eclipsing the “No Confidence” vote he received in May.

Councilor Honig correctly bemoaned recent disruptions staff placed on historical activities at Mackle Park Lake. However, it never occurred to Honig that a formal motion directing our interim city manager to return those activities to normal would serve the community well.

Councilor Reed correctly condemned the Council’s tendency to ignore Rules of Procedure whenever it’s convenient. Laughingly, Reed then “pooh-poohed” a violation of Council’s Rules of Procedure regarding votes to hire an Interim City Manager when that violation was clearly pointed out by Councilor Roman.

Councilor Rios’ eagerness for recognition isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, he really should allow the maker of a motion to finish making it before he (Rios) seconds it. Then we’ll all know what the motion-maker is talking about.

Freshman Chairman Brechnitz belies the claim of expert experience with his constantly bewildered face during the meeting. He seems always to be receiving, requesting or obeying instructions from his colleagues or staff.

Finally, City Attorney Gabriel suffered another goof when explaining why he had issued a certain ruling. City Attorneys do just three things: 1) represent the city in legal matters, 2) offer professional opinions and 3) offer personal advice. They certainly don’t issue “rulings”. Sorry, Alan.

Great giggles and gaffs seem in store for 2019!

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