Saturday, January 22, 2022

LTE: An Affront to Councilor Roman

An affront to a person occurred at the COMI Council Meeting 11/13/18.  My comments are not out of disrespect for Chair Brechnitz but out of respect for Councilor Roman.

It is incredulous that Councilor Roman was not elected Chair; her stellar performance regardless of precedent or number of votes dictated this. It is therefore a fair question to ask those that did not support her what leadership trait they though she was lacking and also inquire how you would have felt had you been so unjustly treated.

Let me respectfully suggest Chair Brechnitz that you could have and should have refused your nomination; in that moment your character would have shown brightly.

My opinion, certainly shared by others, is that jealousy, pettiness, and vindictiveness primarily related to her vote in support of the motion of no confidence in former Chair Grifoni and egos wanting power initiated the maneuvers we witnessed. Now it truthfully bothers me to say this, but I am convinced that the grudges of the past became the payback of the present. The adage “pride goes before a fall” is worth remembering.

Perhaps as we approach a blessed holiday, those of you who are grateful for Councilor Roman’s service can express that to her since our leadership did not.

What transpired is an inauspicious and shameful beginning for our new Council, yet I take comfort in what my mother always told me that “when God closes a door, He opens a window”.

Regina L. Dayton

Marco Island

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