Friday, January 28, 2022

LTE: A Reply to Ed Issler

At this point I do not desire to engage in back and forth dialog; however, I will utilize this final opportunity to share with Mr. Issler the sincerity of my thoughts so as not to be labeled a complainer when I have the right to express dissatisfaction.

Believe me I am not wallowing in “the agony of defeat”; the citizens of Marco Island have chosen their leaders and they do deserve our support and will have mine.

Do comprehend though that I would never be that presumptuous to think that I knew how anyone voted in the privacy of an election booth. Even though you describe an outcome based on election results you criticize mine. I applaud you for praising Councilor Roman’s accomplishments, but your comments would seem to support my position. I hope that what you foretell about her eventual role as Chair occurs to right this wrong, but COL Roman will act admirably with or without the titles others desperately needed.

It is interesting that you used the phrase “throwing stones at” when I was making an observation not an accusation.  Jesus was pointed in His teaching that only those without sin should cast the first stone and that does not describe me.

Let me emphatically state that I genuinely hope our new Council is successful. My opinion is though that the citizens of our community would have been better served by an election that resulted in the selection of Chair Roman and Vice-Chair Brechnitz.

Regina L. Dayton
Marco Island

One response to “LTE: A Reply to Ed Issler”

  1. Keith Klipstein says:

    Wha’ happened? Mystified I am, since the normal progression sequence of Chairs was skipped in favor of a “newbie”, all be he elsewhere experienced…

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