Saturday, December 4, 2021

Lt. Clayton Smith (MIPD) Forgotten Fallen Hero

I’ve sat and pondered all week about Police Memorial Week. I’ve stood behind and supported the thin blue line for a lot of years now. This year, it feels differently to me. As this years services & dedications come to an end .. it finally hit me.. Lt. Clayton Smith of the Marco Island Police Department wasn’t recognized. This man gave 31 years of his life to law enforcement. ..25 years with The Springfield Township Police Department in Ohio .. including 15 years on the Hamilton County Swat Team.

He retired..packed up the family ..moved south – and still didn’t hang up his gun belt .. He gave just shy of 6 years to the Marco Island Police Department before he was fatally injured .. **ON HIS WAY TO WORK** .. He was a man of Integrity and had a work ethic none could match. He was NOT the typical Monday – Friday | 9 to 5 cop. He was a salaried Employée … always on duty .. Didn’t matter what time it was, weekend or holiday .. 4am or noon .. if someone from the community called & said they needed him .. he would go .. no questions asked .. I always knew the job was his 1st love .. the kids and I were always a close second fiddle .. but in time .. and some maturity on the kids part.. we all grew to admire that dedication in him and we all loved him for who he was. On that fateful day .. Feb. 6, 2020 .. he got up from the dinner table .. told Buzz and my parents ..he had to go to work. He needed to prepare for fire arms training the next morning. His dedication to -the job- ultimately cost him .. his life .. Had he chosen to be the 9 to 5 cop .. & take care of that In the morning .. my kids would still have their Dad .. my grandkids would still have their Pappy… and I wouldn’t have the title “widow” now .. My wish for the City of Marco Island to remember who Clayton was and acknowledge him as being on duty and give him the respect and dedication he deserves. He should have been a part of the ceremonies this week .. He is .. and always will be .. a fallen hero.

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