Thursday, October 21, 2021




By Donna Fiala

How many of you still wear a flag on your car? It seems we all had them on our car and on our lapel after September 11th, and now we rarely see them, except for Brian & Shirlee Barcic from The Duchess. Well, the 4th of July is fast approaching us. Let us all remember our patriotism and wear the flag! I haven’t taken mine off the car since 2001 except to change to new, fresh flags. By the way, whenever you are finished using the flag on your car because it looks tattered, please take it over to the VFW flag collection box in front of City Hall or to the collection box at Veteran’s Community Park. There is no better country in the world, and we are blessed to live here. It always bothers me when I see someone saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag with a hat on. Another thorn in my side is when audience members say the Pledge, or sing the Star Spangled Banner and do not put their hands on their hearts. Whenever I ask audiences to say the Pledge, I first ask them to take off their hats and put their hands on their hearts. A gentle reminder never hurts. And so Folks, that is my message for this wonderful celebration we are about to enjoy – the 4th of July – Independence Day. Let us never forget the love of our country! ! !

Speaking of a wonderful celebration- Marco Island has been named one of the six most beautiful cities in the United States of America! WE all knew it, but now the world knows it! What a tremendous honor being bestowed upon us! We can all be proud of our city and of our city council who take steps to keep it looking beautiful, and of our chamber who lets the tourism world know of all the special features on Marco, and of you, our citizens, for keeping the Island well groomed, neat and tidy and without litter. Take a bow, Marco Island!


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