Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Lost and Kicked Around but Home for Christmas!

It was Thanksgiving morning. We had house guests like almost everyone does down here during the holidays. Then the phone rang early. A woman said there was a cat by Marco Lakes that

was sitting on her porch in a daze, just staring at her door. We threw our rescue supplies in the van and Jim went off to rescue her. He returned with a sweet calico girl. We could tell she was an older cat and in pain. I could hardly wait to get her

into the veterinary office the next morning. Something was very wrong. X-rays showed a broken sternum, her chest bone.  Someone had given her a swift hard kick in the chest. She was probably just trying to make friends and get some food because she was starving. Poor Daisy!

Daisy is now resting comfortably with us on a nice comfy warm bed with pain meds on board. With the help

of our volunteer veterinarian, her chest was wrapped to help ease the pain and start the healing process. Daisy was micro-chipped in 2005, but the chip was not registered. A dead-end for us. She was also declawed so she had been defenseless outside. We posted a quick story on her on our Facebook page and immediately heard from one of our volunteers who said this was her friend’s missing cat!

That’s the power of social media! Jessica and her young daughters had been searching for Daisy for over a month after she accidentally got out of the house. We were so excited to reunite Daisy with her family!  Daisy’s eyes lit up as she stood up and ran over to head butt Eliana, her BFF and Jessica’s daughter. We all hugged and cried with joy. Daisy is so lucky! There’s no place like home for Christmas! 

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