Friday, January 28, 2022

Longer Days and Lots to Do

Coastal Comments

My goodness, the days are already getting longer! Just since Christmas we have gained about ½ hour till dark. That’s going fast, or maybe I never noticed how quickly the time changes after we were so dark.

  • There are lots of things happening again, and at this time of year, that is not unusual. You’ve probably noticed there is construction moving forward on Collier Blvd./951 near U. S. 41E, in Tamiami Crossings Shopping Center, in the same area as the Stein Mart. They are building the next Aldi’s Grocery Store in Collier County. Two already exist. I’ve never shopped in an Aldi’s, but people say they have great prices, and one reason is that they don’t provide bags to pack your groceries in, among other things. I’ve heard many people exclaim over them, but I’ll reserve my judgement until I actually see it for myself.  
  • I’ve been told that a Wendy’s will be built in that same vicinity of 951/41, but we’ll wait to see. What we’d REALLY like to see is fine dining restaurant! Oh where or where are you, fine dining? Oh yes, a First Watch Restaurant will be coming to that same intersection, but I cannot tell you at this time which corner.   
  • The Marco Island Kiwanis Club will be holding their ever-popular Car Show again this year, but in a different location entirely. Each year they burst at the seams with magnificent cars to see, food and drink to keep you going, Irish entertainment to delight the audiences, and even a few little jewelry booths to shop at, plus the great bakery items the Italian American Club brings to sell — many of them are homemade! Ice cream is usually offered, and Marco’s own special guy, D.J. Steve Reynolds will be there to again keep the audience entertained with music and up to date information. This event is ever so popular, and I must say: people love it! The car show will take place on Sunday, February 17 from 9:30 AM to 3 PM at Veterans Community Park.
  • The Goodland Pancake Breakfast is coming up on Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27, starting at 8 AM. I just love this breakfast!  Those Goodlanders really know how to make pancakes, that’s for sure, and when you get to Goodland, you feel like you’re in Old Florida. The people are so friendly and welcoming. I always attend the Marco Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast, but I never miss this Goodland breakfast as well! It will be here before you know it, and its right around the corner from Marco Island. When you follow State Rd 92, and cut off at 92A, that little road will take you right into Goodland. Turn right on the street after Stan’s and go to the second street and turn left, and you’ll find the Goodland Community Center. You’ll be glad you made the trip… and oh by the way, that Sunday, January 27th, if you choose to go to the Pancake Breakfast, Stan’s will be open by noon and the Ben Allen Band will be playing! If you like country music, you’ll love the Ben Allen Band! Go ahead, make a day of it! Heck, you could even ride up there on your boat and enjoy both!  
  • I stopped in to Sylvio’s Shoe Repair Shop recently at 287 9th St. S to have a  shoe fixed and Sylvio mentioned how badly he needs a couple people who have been in the shoe repair business (you can’t just step in and hope to be a shoe repair guy – this takes experience). He will take retired guys, part time guys, full time guys, because he is overwhelmed with business, and in this business it isn’t easy to find experienced guys, so if you have experience and you want to make a few extra bucks, or just want to talk with other guys who have also been in the business, call Sylvio at 239-261-0910.
  • You might like to know that the University of Florida Extension Service will be hosting Educational Garden Workshops for the public in gardening practices for the Southwest Florida climate and to promote responsible environmental practices.  The series began on Thursday Jan. 10 and will continue through March 14 at the Unity Church on Davis Blvd. in East Naples. The speakers represent various backgrounds and will address various types of gardening from a small balcony to a plot of land. The series is $40 or $10 per lecture. For additional information call the Extension office at 239-252-4800. I’m sure many people have had questions about their yard or plantings and haven’t known who to ask or where to go. I think you will enjoy getting to know this group. They have so much information to offer!
  • If you are an avid bike rider in our area, and would like to find others with that same interest, you might want to hear about the Fakahatchee Cycle Tour and receive more information about off road bike rides and more adventuresome rides, please contact Patty Huff at She has allowed me to pass this information along to you. Biking is very popular right now and is growing. This month’s ride will begin at the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve’s headquarters in Copeland, where they will be biking off-road along Janes Scenic Drive; and for the more adventuresome riders, you could even try to go out to the Fakahatchee Hilton at Gate 12. I’d tell you more about it, but I’m not that adventuresome. Just e-mail Patty. She’ll fill you in.  
  • The East Naples Civic Association will be holding their Annual Banquet on Thursday, January 24 at 5:30 PM at the lovely Arlington Resort. The East Naples Civic Association is the oldest Civic Association in Collier County, being established in 1950! The new President, Jacob Winge, a 4th generation Neapolitan, will be installed that evening, as well as the new Board of Directors. All are invited to attend. The cost is $50 and RSVPs are requested by calling the Reservation Line at 239-434-1967. These banquets are always a lot of fun, and Christopher Shucart usually has a few cute things to present at this fun meeting. Come and enjoy the meeting and meet some new friends!
  • The Republican Executive Committee will be holding their Annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner on Friday, February 15 at 6 PM at the wonderful Naples Hilton Hotel. The guest speaker will be the past Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and the event is always well attended! You won’t want to miss this one! Early Bird pricing is available only through January 30. Tickets by reservation only. Order online at Sponsorships available by calling 239-599-3134. Early Bird Dinner is $150 per person. VIP Reception and dinner, including signed book and photo: $300 per person. After January 30: Dinner $200 per person, VIP reception and dinner, including signed book and photo: $400 per person. Checks payable to CCREC: mail to P.O. Box 7367, Naples, FL 34101.
  • I had an opportunity to meet some of the people at Treviso Bay recently. Wow, that place is beautiful, some of the houses are enormous and the people are terrific. This is our first meeting, but I’m hoping there will be many more.


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