Sunday, October 24, 2021

Long Serving Condee Cooling Vice President Retires

Photos by Quentin Roux | Michele Reynolds, left, stands with Dr. Melissa Sarantos, who is taking over the role of vice president of the company.

Michele Reynolds shows some emotion as she is thanked for her service to the company.

Heading into retirement after 30 years as vice president of one of Marco’s longest-serving companies, Michele Reynolds sees gardening and tending to chickens on her immediate horizon. 

And lots of traveling. 

Staffers at Condee Cooling & Electric recently gave her a warm send-off prior to Reynolds and her husband heading for Georgia and their new house in the country. 

“I’ve worked with really talented people here,” she said. “It was fun. You kind of grew with the job.” 

In her VP role, Michele multi-tasked as office manager, head of human relations and also as operations manager. 

“She’s always been very level-headed, and she had the temperament to diffuse and find solutions,” said Erik CondeeOperations Manager for the family-owned company. “She was my mentor.” 

Melissa Sarantos, will take Michele’s place as vice president.      

She too has family ties to Condee Cooling & Electric, and for the past year has been mentored for the job by none other than… Michele Reynolds, of course.   “I have big shoes to fill,” Melissa stated.  Melissa grew up on the island as she is the daughter of Charlotte Husted.  Melissa was granddaughter of Don Condee, Sr.       

The company specializes in air conditioning, electric services, home generators, pool motors, lighting and pumps, and also has a parts division. 

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