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By Samantha Husted

Wake Up Marco is Marco Island’s premier coffee café that boasts freshness and quality drinks. Locally owned and family run, the coffee shop has been operating for about 10 months. Wake Up Marco offers organic, handcrafted coffee, tea and bakery items. For those serious coffee lovers out there, Wake Up Marco also sells wholesale coffee beans from areas across the world. They have beans available from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Asia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Owner and 12-year Marco Island resident, Oscar Galvez, believes that he has the best coffee in all of Southwest Florida. The quality of



his coffee is so fresh and tasty that it can be enjoyed black. “Good coffee doesn’t need sugar, bad coffee doesn’t deserve it,” he says. However, if black coffee is not your thing, he also offers a wide variety of lattes, mochas, cold brewed ice coffee, cappuccinos and espresso.

The atmosphere at Wake Up Marco is welcoming and the staff friendly. It’s the kind of place that if you go a couple of times, Oscar will learn your name and greet you like an old friend each time you enter. Before you can even order, he will be

Wake Up Marco sells coffee from around the world, here on Marco Island.

Wake Up Marco sells coffee from around the world, here on Marco Island.

making your drink, just the way you like it. It’s sort of like the television show “Cheers,” but with less alcohol and more caffeine.

Oscar says that in the next few years he plans to add a roaster to Wake Up Marco, so that the coffee he serves can be made entirely in-house. He hopes to one day be able to say that, “Marco Island roasts their own coffee.”

So stop by, meet Oscar and the gang and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Wake Up Marco is located at: 912 N Collier Blvd. Marco Island, FL 34145

Check out their website at: or


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