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Local Spotlight: Strands By Jules

Julie Stoller (center) with her staff. From left: Mary, Kristine, Julie, Sally and Kim. Photos by Samantha Husted

Julie Stoller (center) with her staff. From left: Mary, Kristine, Julie, Sally and Kim. Photos by Samantha Husted

By Samantha Husted

In October of 2015, 27-year-old Marco Island native Julie Stoller opened up her vey own hair salon, Strands by Jules. While Julie may be young, she’s no stranger to the hair industry, an industry she’s been a part of since she was 14-years-old.

Julie began where most hair professionals begin, as an assistant. She worked her way through high school at a local salon, gaining critical knowledge and learning the nuances of the trade. After graduating high school her passion for hair drove her straight to professional school where she could hone in on her skills. “Since I was little I’ve always wanted to do hair,” said Julie. “My parents encouraged me to go hair school right out of high school.”

Over the years Julie was able to build a strong clientele, both local and seasonal. Her dedicated clients coupled with her ambitious nature and over 13 years of hair experience lead her to the conclusion that it was time to open up her own business. Which is a scary prospect for any young professional. But it seems that Julie is the type of person who’s always known what she wanted to do. So about seven months ago she made the leap and opened up her own salon and has been running it every since. “I was ready to open up my own salon,” said Julie. “I just felt like it was the next step for my career.”

While the salon likes to keep its services simple, only offering hair and waxing, the staff is well rounded and unique. Each hair stylist brings with them a different set of experiences, styles and personalities. And they all act as if they’ve been friends for years, which some of them have, giving the salon a sisterly, welcoming atmosphere.

The salon itself is small but sleek. It’s comfortable. It feels like a place you’d want to hang out even if you weren’t getting your hair done. On the wall behind the front desk is a beautiful pink/gold faux mosaic, designed by Marco Island resident Dana Flowers. And Deb Hornsby, owner of Something Olde Something New, had a big influence on the décor. It’s sort of eclectic with a modern twist, which is really representative of the salon as a whole.

So if you’re looking for a new hairstyle, or just a trim, stop by Strands by Jules. The salon is open Monday through Saturday 9 AM-7 PM. The salon sells Matrix products.

Strands By Jules is located at 2 Marco Lake Drive #3, Marco Island. For an appointment or more information call 239-970-0885.

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  1. Kevin McDonough says:

    Best hair cut that I’ve had in several years.

    Great staff

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