Saturday, November 27, 2021

Local Music at Your Fingertips

Leaving home is no longer necessary to enjoy musicians that entertain at the island’s bars, restaurants and special events. Thanks to the internet, their talents can also be enjoyed at a radio station dedicated to playing music from Marco-Naples area performers: Buzz Track Radio.

Commercial-free can be heard worldwide on any Web-capable device. Upwards of 50 performers covering a broad range of genres are currently featured. Among them are such local favorites as the Ben Alen Band, Frank Carroll, Café Sol y Mar, Dominic Fike, saxophonist Yasel Barreras and flugelhornist Bill Colletti, along with some national artists. 

And their ranks continue to grow. 

“Every month I’m getting stuff from two or three different artists, which is great because it just expands the playlist,” said the station’s creator, Marco resident Tad Bonvie, a longtime professional in the music and radio industries. 

Buzz Track hit the airwaves in February. 

“The idea came to me because I’m down here and enjoy it like everybody else, and I’ve met quite a few of the musicians who play around the island,” explained Bonvie. “Being in the business, I gravitate toward going up and talking to the talent when they’re on break. And I know how to put a station on the internet and how to program. That’s very easy for me.” 

He’s also the creator/owner of internet-based Wedding World Radio. The station enables couples to reserve a private radio stream during their wedding week that musically and in all other ways is dedicated exclusively to their upcoming nuptials. 

As the owner of Marco Island Event Services, he is a physical presence at weddings and other events on the island. The company provides event production, DJ and other multi-media services to hospitality venues and organizations. Included are live events such as music bingo and the trivia-based contest TrivX. 

Buzz Tracks will help to heighten Bonvie’s public visibility, while also providing a platform for local musical artists to be heard by fans, both nearby and up North. “What better way to come back to the island than to hear the actual music of the island,” he said. 

The music catalog consists of tracks musicians submit or have posted on their YouTube channel. Roughly half are songs recorded live by the artist or by Bonvie himself. 

His career as a radio, nightclub and wedding DJ began with the rise of Disco and grew to include working as an independent record promoter helping to break new music by such chart-toppers as Rod Stewart, Chic, Grace Jones and Evelyn “Champagne” King. As the music director at Boston’s Hit Music Station Kiss-108 FM, he helped transform the station into a market leader. He also launched an events production company that produced live shows featuring such artists as Lionel Richie, Harry Connick Jr., Amy Grant, Vince Gill, the Wallflowers and more. 

Bonvie also served as an Executive Producer for the National Dance Music Awards, pioneered a weekly radio music magazine and been inducted into the Legends of Vinyl Hall of Fame, which placed his name in the Library of Congress, along with the nation’s other original disco DJs. 

He began collecting music for Buzz Tracks in January and had a sufficient number to begin broadcasting in late February. “I was able to put together a playlist of a few hundred songs, with the majority coming from the Marco Island and Naples areas,” added Bonvie.”

The then-emerging COVID-19 crisis didn’t play a role in the station’s founding, but he is glad that it’s providing much-needed entertainment during a time when people are staying close to home or unable to return to the island they love. In fact, Bonvie even adapted his music bingo game to be played online during the initial weeks of the pandemic.

Buzz Track Radio can be found at Tad Bonvie can be reached at For more information about Marco Island Event Services, visit For more information about Wedding World Radio, visit

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