Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Local Letter Carrier Honored With Postal Hero Award

The United States Postal Service honored Estero postal hero Barbara Saylors for demonstrating extraordinary community service by presenting her with a first-ever USPS Postal Hero Award, inspired by the new limited-edition Priority Mail shipping boxes featuring The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and ongoing heroism of the postal workforce.  Barbara was awarded a certificate at a ceremony on National Superhero Day, April 28, 2014.

Barbara noticed that her customer was not picking up her mail. Barbara became concerned and notified one of the neighbors and asked that someone go check to see if everything was ok. When the neighbor checked it was discovered that the customer had passed away. The neighbor who checked was very grateful and stated this customer was a very private person who lived alone. Due to Barbara’s concern the untimely death was discovered quickly and she was able to be put to rest.

National Superhero day started on April 28, 1995 by a group of employees at Marvel Comics. Every April 28th since has been celebrated as National Superhero Day.

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