Friday, January 21, 2022

Local Landfill Tour



By Jim Hughes

It was a tour arranged by Collier County Commissioner, Donna Fiala. The local landfill is on county property and run by Waste Management.

The first thing noticed is the clean road leading to the landfill and the lack of smell. The office is spotless and the personnel are dressed in clean uniforms. An orderly procession of trucks both large and small, and pickups and vans, come in and stop on scales. The driver



checks in and is given a ticket to proceed to the dumping area. There are different spots to unload construction material, landscaping, appliances and garbage. We were driven to a lookout on top of a filled hill and could see the entire operation, including buzzards, sea gulls and eagles. We also could see the Gulf of Mexico. The hill currently stands at 100 feet and is permitted to go up to 178 feet.

The methane

Dr. Gomez and Mr. Rodriguez discuss costs and savings.

Dr. Gomez and Mr. Rodriguez discuss costs and savings.

gas, produced by the fill, is collected through a piping system and sent to a house that has five generators. These generators produce electricity that is sold to Florida Power and Light. This has eliminated the need for burning off the gas.

Utilities director, Dr. Gomez and the Landfill director, Dan Rodriguez, gave the group an assessment of the cost and savings to the county residents.

For more information on Donna Fiala’s tours, contact her secretary Alexandra at

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