Thursday, January 27, 2022

Local Heroes

Adam Koszo and Mike Vanderjagt.

Adam Koszo and Mike Vanderjagt.

In this issue, we’re declaring Adam Koszo and Mike Vanderjagt LOCAL HEROES!

On March 4th, Adam and Mike went to meet a general contractor scheduled to work on a new Vandy’s location. They stopped at the building manager’s office to pick up a key. Mike was going to run in to the get the key but quickly called for Adam’s assistance. When Adam went in he soon found why Mike was alarmed: the manager was unconscious, showed no signs of a pulse and wasn’t breathing.

While office personnel called 911, Mike laid the woman on the floor and assisted Adam who began CPR. Soon the sheriff’s office arrived with a defibrillator and paramedics followed. Although unsure of her exact condition, they know she survived the incident.

As soon as someone says “I’m not a hero or anything,” chances are they’re just that! So, hats off to Adam and Mike for being good Samaritans.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, if you know a local hero, call Coastal Breeze News so we can honor them as we have Adam and Mike!

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