Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Many people have been out of town for the summer, but will be heading back soon, and they just might wonder if Eurasia Restaurant is open after all the restaurant closings over the past few months. As some who have been here know, Eurasia has had to deal with some major changes, but it is the same wonderful family restaurant. I’d like to take this opportunity to bring people up to date because some folks had to leave to head back home due to the virus, but are now coming back as our COVID-19 numbers here in Collier County have dipped quite low. Many know that Monique at Eurasia has been dealing with serious health problems for a few years, but each time they came back, she overcomes them again! What a positive attitude that lady had about everything! Just about the time the COVID-19 started hitting us, Eddie (Ettore) got the news he was in Stage 4 with a cancer he didn’t even know he had. Meanwhile, Monique’s cancer came back as well. 

Both of the Mancini’s migrated to Naples in their early 20’s and learned the English language together using French as the common ground. Ettore (Eddie) began cooking in the Italian Military and found a love for his craft and he wanted to share that craft with people around the world. In Naples, Ettore opened his first restaurant “Mancini’s Gardens” from 1985 to 1993. I went there a few times back then when it was located in the City of Naples. Meanwhile, Monique Mancinishe was part French and part Vietnameseoperated Hair Design shop from 2000 to 2006, and people still remember her from that beauty shop. Together they opened Eurasia in 2008 to the present. They taught their sons’ the restaurant business from the inside. Their son’s names are Dominic, Alfonso and Rico. You can tell who picked out their names, right?  

The family has operated the restaurant ever since, and they always work as a teamrespectful and caring. They also have three brothers on their staff who work in the kitchen and have been there for 12 yearsmain chef and two line cooks, plus three servers have been with them for over 6 years, along with a bartender who has been there for 5 years. The food was so delicious people came from the City of Marco, from Isles of Capri, the City of Naples, from Fiddler’s Creek, Treviso Bay, and really all over, and we all loved the place and always will. During this awful virus we were all dealing with, however, Eddie succumbed to the cancer in just a couple months, and Monique was by his side every step of the way, and with her sharp mind, she took necessary steps to ensure that all her sons were safe mentally and financially. She didn’t last much longer once Eddie passed. They loved their sons with all their hearts and it always showed. They were selfless, youngonly in their 50’s when they both passedbeautiful souls we will all miss so much! God be with you Eddie and Monique. And we’ll see you folks at Eurasia’s sometime soon. 

*There is now and also will be a lot of construction going on in our part of the county, mainly in East Naples. How I wish there were more things the people in the community could use and enjoy other than storage facilitiesalthough I have to say many of our people like them because they don’t bring any traffic, no congestion, and very few people to this areadentists offices, car washes and gas stations, but who knows? Necessary neighborhood stores just might come as well. I just read the latest information regarding new construction that is about to take place in this area: ANOTHER 5 threestory storage facilities are going through the permitting process right now. And how many more will come out next month?  

It’s frustrating when you really need restaurants and shopping areas, and all you get is stuff. However, the good thing is I understand that Burlington is still planning to build in Freedom Square in the old K-Mart building, and they will be delighted to see people flock there. If anyone knows a great commercial real estate guru, tell them to see the area and call me. When a good or great restaurant opens in this area, they are always busy immediately! We’d love a simple Bob Evans or a great P.F. Changs! Not only do we have many upscale communities, but we also draw from Marco Island and Golden Gate Estates, and also from the City of Naples rather than drive through all the traffic to the north end of town. I believe we can support a few high-class restaurants over here. 

*By the way, I understand that Sam Snead’s is about to open for lunch again and they already serve dinner, so that helps fill the need. We also have a Wendy’s about to be built. I’ll see what else I can find out for next week’s newspaper. With Mark Stain gone from the County, we have a lack of information about what is moving along. I’m hoping I can find someone else to give us new news.  

*It looks like the new BMW dealership is about to move forward on Davis Blvd. 

*I understand the County is looking for input on where to build a new recycling facility in this area. IF you have any ideas for the East Naples area, just call my office at 239-252-8601 with your suggestions. The real estate crew is looking at U.S. 41E or somewhere in that vicinity. If you’ve never seen a real Collier County recycling facility, you need to see one. Marco Island has a lovely one, but of course it is small considering it only supports the Island and possibly the surrounding Islands. These facilities are so clean, neat, and odorless that they really surprise people. Now we need to build one for this whole area. There are many old buildings that probably will fall down by themselves soon. We should identify one of those buildings, demolish it and build a new center there. If you know of one, give us a call so we can have our people check it out.  


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