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Local Business Owners Increase Cash Flow and Profits With Perfect Accounting Practices

“The profitability of local small businesses in Naples is directly increased by a professional accountant or bookkeeper who understands and keeps current on changing tax laws and accepted accounting principles, who can monitor the financial records of the business correctly, and show the business owner ways to increase the cash flow of their business,” says Kathleen Lettau, CEO and Founder of Perfect Accounting Service located in Naples, Florida. “I meet so many business owners who have bookkeepers or accountants that just don’t know what they are doing, or I find major mistakes in their books when I do an analysis of the work that their past bookkeepers or accountants have done for them,” states Ms. Lettau.

Businesses today need cutting-edge business tools and competent financial accounting personnel in order to surpass their competitors, no matter what industry they are in. Chief among these needs is an accountant or bookkeeper who can keep all of your financial records in order so that you, the business owner, can analyze and understand them. And these financial records must conform to the ever-changing business tax laws, so the IRS can recognize them as standard and best practices. An expert accountant can keep your business out of the gun-sights of the IRS.

Business owners here in Naples, Florida rely on accurate accounting procedures to be done for their business. “It’s the old adage, garbage in – garbage out,” says Ms. Lettau, “If you don’t get accurate figures on your business:

  •   You may not be taking full advantage of lawful tax deductions,
  •   You may not recognize that employees may be stealing from you,
  •   You may not know that customers are getting incorrect invoices,
  •   You may be paying too much for payroll services or credit card merchant services,
  •   Your collections may be suffering,
  •   You may not be paying your bills on time, or filing tax returns on time,
  •   You may miss the signals that tell you your suppliers have raised their prices, and you need to pass the increased cost on to your customers,
  •   And you may not be able to take advantage of discounts from your suppliers.

Some of the services we provide to business owners that increases their cash flow and profitability include:

Reviewing the Financial Statements with the business owner and discussing red flags that we recognize as potentially harmful to production and profitability.

Review Cost Accounting – analyze the data entry and reconciliation of all the income received, and the costs incurred in a business in a way that can be used to improve its management.

Setting up and using a correct Chart of Accounts that conforms to their partnership or corporate tax return rules.

A Profit Analysis comparing the current financial period to the same financial period in the past to identify where profit improvements can be made.

Recommendations on ways to cut costs without harming the production of income.

Perfect Accounting Service can provide these services both on and off-site for business owners when and where they need them. Kathleen Lettau says, “We find that when we go to the business owner’s office, at least initially or periodically, we can get a better idea about how their business functions and be able to interact with their finance management personnel more easily.”

Kathleen says, “We understand that accounting and bookkeeping can be confusing for many business owners. This is why I am here to help. I have many years experience working with businesses of all sizes and in many industries. Whether it is a start-up business entrepreneur or seasoned professional who requires a little help with the books from time to time, we are here for you.”

Ms. Lettau has a proven talent as a financial consultant for small business and a track record of transforming ineffective business financial management, by devising financial policies and controls focused on growth and profitability for any size company.

“I’ve been doing accounting for many types of business owners for 20+ years now. So I am confident that I can address any and all of a businesses’ accounting needs thanks to our comprehensive list of services which includes accounting, accounts payable and receivable, financial consulting and payroll services. We offer new clients a half-hour complementary consultation of all of their business needs in these areas.”

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