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Lobster Immersion at Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck

Photos by Maria Lamb | Cristina Leske of Marco Island ordering the Maine roll.


On Saturday, February 20, a quick lunch at Celebration Park on Bayshore Drive was planned by four ladies from Marco Island – they were all craving lobsters. It was a perfect break from a morning admiring orchids at the Naples Botanical Garden.

Bayshore’s Celebration Park was already in high gear with visitors checking out the menus from eight food trucks such as Island Seafoods, GiGi Gourmet, Mega Sabor, Zen Fusion, Cousins Maine Lobster, Rudino’s Pizza & Grinders, Nawty Hogg BBQ & Gyros 2 Go.

On June 1, 2020, Cousins Maine Lobster had a grand opening bringing Maine to Naples with their lobster rolls, tacos, and other seafood favorites from Maine. They got their start with an investment from Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank in 2012. They claim that their lobsters are sourced only from Maine.

Their Maine roll features Maine lobster served chilled with mayo on a New England roll, with a lemon wedge. If you are from Maine, this is what you are going to order. The Connecticut Roll features Maine lobster, served warm with butter and lemon on a New England Roll – this is also very popular.


Lobster mac & cheese – cheesy and creamy.


Cousins Maine Lobster with their menu lineup.

Looking for a lobster immersion lunch, everybody ordered something with lobster. Mary Aronin ordered a cup of the lobster bisque, three lobster tacos and for $4.00 extra lobster meat. With a slight chill in the air, the lobster bisque was smooth and soothing – not too salty – with chunks of lobster meat mixed in. Mary said she will certainly order this again. 

Cristina Leske and Marianne Foley both ordered the Maine roll featuring chilled lobster on a New England bun with a cup of New England clam chowder and it satisfied their craving. You can also make this a combo with tater tots or chips and a drink.

Not trying to be a contrarian, I ordered lobster mac and cheese which was served creamy with pieces of lobster meat. Though the portion was rather small, it was perfect for lunch. My only regret was not ordering a cup of clam chowder for myself.

If you are not into lobster, you have seven other food trucks offering anything from pizza to Asian food. Parking can be an issue during the weekend. We were lucky to get a parking space just across the street and they do have additional parking a block away. Suggest a weekday visit to avoid the crowd.

Celebration Park is located on 2880 Becca Avenue off Bayshore Drive in Naples.



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  1. Tom says:

    Sadly, they’re leaving the Park in a couple of days

  2. Cisco says:

    Article is very enlightening other than there are no prices for lobster rolls or lobster tacos with extra lobster meat. How about bring more informative with future articles recommending food service trucks restaurants.

  3. Karen Powers says:

    Oh boy!!! I would love to get lunch at this food truck. Maine lobster… yummy!

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