Thursday, December 9, 2021

Limited Freedom Fountain Inscription Lines




Only a limited amount of space remains for the commemorative inscriptions that grace the Freedom Fountain, the centerpiece of Marco Island’s Veterans’ Community Park.

The final 15 lines of text for patriotic messages honoring America’s veterans are available for purchase from the Veterans’ Memorial Fundraising Committee. The cost is $600 per line, with 30 spaces per line, including the spaces between each word or name on the fountain’s granite panels.

The Freedom Fountain is the crown jewel of Marco’s Veterans Memorial, which also includes a flag plaza and a commemorative brick-paver walkway that guides visitors into an 80-foot, paved circle, accented by a star design and medallions representing each military branch, along with commemorative benches.

Established in 2007, the all-volunteer Fundraising Committee has raised $550,000 for the memorial, primarily through private donations, and sales of the commemorative brick pavers, bench plaques, service-branch medallions, fountain inscriptions and flag pole memorials.

The Freedom Fountain stands 10-feet tall, with a 26-foot circumference. It is topped by a bronze, 9-foot tall, in-flight American eagle.

Forms to purchase lines of inscription on the Freedom Fountain can be found at or Mackle Park, or by calling Lee Rubenstein, president of the Fundraising Committee, at 239-564-9894.

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