Saturday, October 16, 2021

LHS Marching Band: Leading the Rebellion

Two hundred and eighty hours is a lot of time to commit to one activity. However, according to drum majors, Owen Whiting (12) and Mikayla Ricigliano (11), band members commit that much during the short span of marching season, through combined hours of scheduled rehearsals, performances, and at-home practice.

The Lely High School (LHS) Band is looking forward to the upcoming year and preparation is well underway. All members attended band camp during early August to welcome new members and refine procedures and ability. It’s clear that members are deeply committed to reaching excellence for the program.

Both Owen and Mikayla found their love of music as members of the Marco Island Charter Middle School Band and look forward to continuing their musical pursuits throughout their high school years, leading the LHS band to success!

Led under the guidance of Jason Jones, alumni of the University of Florida Band, the LHS band is excited for another year of music!

Each year, high school bands coordinate a new and unique theme to perform during halftime shows and MPAs (Music Performance Assessments). Titled “Rebellion,” the dynamic display will be different than any year before. “It features the music of punk rock through the ages. Song selections include ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by the Ramones, ‘Basket Case’ by Green Day, ‘I Miss You’ by Blink-182, ‘I’m Shipping Up to Boston’ by Dropkick Murphys, and ‘thnks fr th mmrs’ by Fall Out Boy.” Ricigliano shared, “On top of the music, an original story will be presented in which the spirit of rebellion will come into play.”

Submitted Photos Band Leadership; drum majors Mikayla Ricigliano and Owen Whiting pictured far back right.

The key difference in this year’s performance is that songs are not direct replicas of the original music; they are part of a collective show that includes an original storyline and a different style of marching and visuals. As most advanced high school marching bands are moving towards this style of performance, Lely is excited to experience it for themselves.

Whiting and Ricigliano have an ambitious goal for the school year. “Our vision is to strive to be ‘that’ band by cultivating a sense of unity, school spirit, passion, and respect in every aspect of our ensemble.”

When asked about his favorite part about being in band, Steven Ruiz, brass captain, said he loves “sharing wonderful memories with all [his] friends.”

There is no denying the feeling of unity throughout the band. Whiting confirms that “in the Lely band, we like to highly encourage and foster the idea of a band family and a comradery especially in the individual sections. We are all having fun in this common goal of achieving musical and visual excellence through our hard work.”

For anyone interested in watching the show in full, the band will be performing at all Lely football games, home or away, and competing at Lehigh Senior High School (10/12), Fort Myers High School (10/26), and Palmetto Ridge High School (11/2).

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