Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letters to the Editor



Dear Editor:

This is to address a disturbing situation that is occurring on Marco Island – that is, the opposition to establishing a charter high school on Marco Island.

The Marco Island Academy is so much a win-win benefit to not only our children (the future of Marco) but to the community at large as well. To oppose this is a travesty and we are truly saddened that the opposition of a small segment can override an overwhelming need and benefit for the community. We have all too often heard a communal cry of “not in our back yard”; however, these cries have usually been in reference to bringing in a correctional facility or methadone clinic type of situation. It is truly astonishing that this type of opposition can come for establishing a high school!!! Establishment of the high school will also not increase taxes!!

The high school charter proposes to have an excitingly innovative level of education for our young people as well as a community based center for all levels and ages to enjoy and benefit. It would be a shame to forego a capital education on site on Marco for our children in order to appease those who would rather have a corporate venture or build another “parking lot”. The community in total would lose much in our short sightedness in not promoting and establishing a high school on Marco at this time.

Tina and Tony Becker

Dear Editor:

This is ridiculous that the people on Marco Island are fighting over a High School here. We need it and must have it. I do not have children or grandchildren that will go to that high school but I remember when my children had to go to Naples for middle school and high school. My children spent hours on the bus and did not get the education that the kids now get at the Charter School here. If you do not have children in school, do not fight this. You did not retire into a retirement community, you retired into a community that has lots of families and these children will grow up to be our future. LET THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY GO TO SCHOOL IN THEIR OWN BACKYARD.

If you bought your house near the proposed charter high school site and it was not a residential lot before, shame on you for not looking at that before. Do not fight the future of these children.

Maria Schilke

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