Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Letters to the Editor: Wilma Sanders



A few months ago I called the PD suggesting they notify people by newspaper, of the correct way to approach the single file bridge lane merge on N Collier. This would help to avoid confusion. She said they did put something in the newspaper, in August. Apparently the fact we have thousands of transients on the island every week doesn’t matter, they told people in August. I discovered I had been doing it wrong forever. It is NOT stay in a single line to the right (and curse all those who drive up on the left and expect to cut into the single lane at the last moment), no, the correct way according to the woman I spoke with is that two lanes drive right up to the blinking arrow and at that point do a ‘zipper’ thing of alternating to get into the single lane over the bridge. I feel this lack of information is a source of anger and even road rage by those patiently waiting in a single line. They no doubt think the people in the left lane are boors and scofflaws when in reality it is they themselves who are wrong. (May I add that even with this knowledge I feel very guilty gliding up the left lane and the dirty looks by those in the right lanes does not assuage my conscience.) So, may I suggest the PD be contacted to clarify this and then the proper ‘etiquette’, if you will, could be shared with all the drivers in a box on the front page of the Coastal Breeze News? It is a little late in the season for this but better late than never. I think it should be a permanent notice on the front page until the bridge is completed. I am from New England if that explains my original misconception, but judging by ALL the people patiently waiting in single file, it is a popular misconception. I was told that is the way to do it on all highways. Who knew?

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