Sunday, January 16, 2022

Letters to the Editor Welcomed, But Please Follow Our Rules!

Interested in voicing your opinion with a Letter to the Editor? Coastal Breeze News loves hearing from our readers, but please comply with our rules.

Rules on Letters to the Editor:

  • Coastal Breeze News will accept only one letter to the editor per letter writer, per 30-day period.
  • All letters must be 250 words or less. CBN reserves the right to print letters that exceed 250 words if a reduction of text would alter the intended message.
  • Letters must include first and last name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be accepted.
  • Coastal Breeze News will not include links or references to other media. This rule applies to social media posts.
  • Social media posts that include insults, objectionable materials, or profanity will be removed at the discretion of Coastal Breeze News.
  • Publication of submitted letters and commentaries is in the sole discretion of Coastal Breeze News.

With the upcoming election, there are additional guidelines:

  • Letters endorsing candidates may appear on but not in print.
  • Letters must be original and not part of a letter writing campaign.
  • Personal attacks on a candidate will not be published. Social media posts attacking or insulting a candidate will be removed.

The above are general guidelines and Coastal Breeze News retains sole discretion on publication, format and medium for all letters to the editor.

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