Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Letters to the Editor: Linda Colombo



Dear Councilors and Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I am not in favor of the proposed building at Veterans’ Park. When the people of Marco voted on a referendum to buy the property I believe most of us were envisioning a place to enjoy with various venues. For example, a band shell, a walking path on the water’s edge and a performing arts, center.   Many designs were bantered about and considered by P&R. I understand the price tag on those desired plans is unaffordable at this time. What I don’t understand is the RUSH to put something on that piece of green space. I believe if we are putting anything there it should be for the enjoyment of the people of Marco. Surely a service center that would house employees of the city (as mentioned at the October 5th council meeting) and a small room that the Veterans could use for meetings is not the answer. Oh, did I forget the plan for restrooms? I truly believe that the Veterans would be appalled to think their cause is being exploited to have a piece of concrete built for the city government. Why can’t the city government do with what it has? Marco is a very small community. Does it really need to keep expanding its government facilities? How would this please the majority of taxpayers? To rush in to get money from a possible grant and yet be in debt for an additional five million would not be a fiscally responsible decision. This does not even take into account the cost for maintenance and daily overhead. Has the finance department put a price tag on that?

It is my understanding that the City Manager has produced a design plan that came from Marathon for a building. This we are told would save some money. Sorry, still not a good enough reason to buy something that your neighbors are not interested in.

Let’s keep it a green space with the Veterans memorial site until that day when the City will be able to afford to make it a place for our enjoyment.

Linda Colombo


755 Plantation Court

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