Saturday, January 22, 2022

Letters to the Editor: Lee Willer-Spector



In February, Keith Flaugh of the SWFL Citizen’s Alliance lambasted the 5 of 7 Marco Island City Council members who did not support his anti-common core resolution calling on the Florida legislature to throw out the common core standards for public schools. The 5 councilors led by Chairman Sacher, including Joe Batte, Bob Brown, Ken Honecker and Larry Honig were correct, showing wisdom and independent thinking when they ruled his request as outside their area of expertise and scope of responsibility, relying instead on the education experts and the legislators to decide. The anti-common core bill supported by Keith Flaugh was ignored by the Florida House of Representatives who instead voted unanimously to support a competing bill fully implementing the common core standards as part of the Florida Sunshine State Standards. They also modified the state assessments eliminating the requirement for all except for the year end standards competency tests. This bill is expected to fly through the Florida Senate very soon. Keith is bringing back his modified resolution to be voted on again by the City Council on April 6, 2015. The resolution calls for giving local districts control of setting their own standards, in direct contradiction to the unanimous, bi-partisan decision of the State House. The councilors would be wise again to rebuff this untenable resolution.


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