Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Letters to the Editor: Dear County Commissioners and State Officials



Dear County Commissioners and State Officials:

As a former first responder with law enforcement, certified EMT and CPR instructor, elected Marco Is. Fire Commissioner (mid 1990’s) and founding member of the Marco Is. Fire and Police Foundations, I have some knowledge and insight into the life saving importance of response times and actions of first responders to emergency situations.

Before Marco Is. became a city, the Marco Fire Commission had many meetings, work shops, discussions and disagreements with the Fire Union and EMS before we instituted the “3 man” concept. In cooperation with EMS officials and overcoming Fire Union opposition, we moved the EMS ambulance and crew into the firehouse so our fire- medic could respond to medical emergencies on the bus. After some apprehension and adjustments, the system has been saving lives and limbs as planned, since then.

As Chairman of the Commission, I attended many meetings with Co. Co. Commissioners, Fire Chiefs, EMS officials and others involved with the consolidation effort. It is very difficult to rationalize why it has taken decades of wrangling and not come to a decision that reflects the will of the majority of people affected by those decisions. This is not a ‘feel good’ decision about planting more trees or building wider sidewalks, it is a matter of human life, survivability and recovery response time and immediate action should be of utmost importance for all of us. Politics, and egos have no place in this crucial matter.

The citizens and the City of Marco are asking the C.C. Commissioners to keep Marco out of the fray with the County and support Marco’s long standing ability to provide prompt emergency services without interruption and/or risk to its citizens. I have spoken personally to the County and City Managers, EMS and Fire Chiefs, and they all feel that granting the city its request for the COPCN is applicable and just. The transition would be seamless and a painless carry over. Please grant their request without further ado, because, all lives matter. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sal Soldano

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