Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Letter to the Marco Island Community

Dear Citizens of the Marco Island Community

I wish to extend my sincere apology for my serious lack of judgement regarding a local COVID19 vaccination appointment. I let you all down and I am forever remorseful for the harm I have caused. I have failed in my ethical responsibility to this community. I make no excuses as I know many of you are struggling to obtain a vaccine to protect yourself and your loved ones. This situation was selfinflicted, I take total responsibility for my actions and I will work tirelessly to earn back your trust and confidence for which I have damaged. I am grateful to the City Council and City Manager for their professionalism, fairness, and grace as they were faced with a situation they never should have had to deal with. This will forever be a defining moment in my life, and I am committed to use this experience as an opportunity to improve as a Man and Fire Chief

I am available to discuss this situation with any community members who would like to. Please contact me at 2392060318 


Christopher G.Byrne

City of Marco Island Fire Chief 

2 responses to “Letter to the Marco Island Community”

  1. Steve Garske says:

    Chief, quite frankly, I would have expected you and fire fighters, as well as our police people, to have been vaccinated first. We don’t need any of you to be down! Thank you for your service. These are trying times.

  2. TOM MCDONALD says:

    To the Chiefs don’t look back look forward. We all make mistakes even Managers and Council Members. I want to thank the men and women of our Police and Fire Depts. for there outstanding dedication and service.

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