Friday, January 21, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Voting YES

I am voting “YES” on the Marco Island ambulance referendum because we cannot trust Collier County to deliver on its promises. When (not if) the County moves to consolidate fire and EMS in a massive county-wide bureaucracy, Marco Island will get stuck paying higher taxes! Collier County desperately needs Marco Island’s tax base to support the heavy debt burden and EMS expansion across eastern Collier County. If you’re unsure about how to vote then ask yourself the following:

“Is this the same County EMS that took away 14 drugs from Marco Island Fire certified paramedics, preventing them from giving live-saving drugs to those suffering from a heart attack, stroke, or allergic reaction?” Yes.

“Is this the same County EMS that took away the only ambulance stationed on Marco Island leaving us without an emergency transport during Hurricane Irma?” Yes.

“Is this the same County EMS Chief that has said on the record that she would pull the ambulance from Marco Island again in a future storm situation?” Yes.

“Is this the same County EMA Chairman that wants to raise Marco Island residents’ taxes for the bare minimum services we get right now?” Yes.

“Is this the same County that uses Marco Island as a piggybank for County projects and services and gives a fraction back?” Yes.

Collier County giveth and Collier County taketh away. Take back control by voting YES for our city ambulance service!

William Allen Rogers, CPA

Marco Island

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