Thursday, December 2, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Grifoni



In our Marco Island City Council race this year, we can vote for four candidates. I hope you will join me in including Jared Grifoni as one of your four choices. He is an extremely bright attorney, an articulate speaker and has a solid grasp on the issues and solutions needed for Marco Island. Jared is the type of person who can work effectively with anyone on our City Council for the benefit of our entire community.

We need someone with his energy and enthusiasm on City Council. I’ve heard him speak many times at the council meetings and you can tell he really has a passion for the community.

You can tell Jared’s ideas and visions are on point, and that he has a unique ability to bring others on-board, because many of the other candidates have already started echoing them as their own talking points.?I think Jared will be able to work well with any of the other candidates or incumbents.

Jared Grifoni will play a crucial role on City Council in getting our city back on track and that’s why his name should be selected on everyone’s ballot, no matter who your other choices are.

Bruce W. Novark, M.D.

Marco Island

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