Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Change



I know a certain amount of puffery exists in many resume’s and CV’s, but the longer Councilor Honecker is in politics, the more his past accomplishments grow. Reading ‘Getting to know Marco Island City Council Candidates, Part 2’, I find it curious, since I was on most all submarines on their Alpha, Bravo and Charlie trials as well as during their dry dock and sea trials over his scant career; but I never once saw Ken or mention of his name in any of the design, engineering drawings, test results or documents.

The things I do remember about Ken are his statements, ‘I was elected to do what I think best, not what the citizens think’; ‘we have plenty of money lying around’; ‘we should take advantage and borrow all this cheap money’, and his back room deals.

It also amazed me to read Councilor Sacher’s article stating that King Roger manages an enterprise (of “almost $100,000,000 million”, which is 100 million million, or 100 trillion, right?) That’s fargreater than USA’s total debt of about $20 Trillion. I didn’t realize we had that kind of money on Marco. No wonder my taxes and utilities are so high!

I urge you to vote for honesty, integrity, transparency and change; real change. Vote Reed, Roman, Grifoni and incumbent Honig.

Just as the USA cannot take another four years of Obama policies, Marco can’t take another four years of Sacher and Honecker policies.

Bill Harris

Marco Island


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