Friday, January 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Virginia Bingle




There is so much opposition to the Marriott expansion that the Marriott has “once again, asked” (the Chamber of Commerce) “for the assistance of the business community in supporting the project. ” (as printed in a recent local newspaper).

Herein lies the error of their ways.   They may regret going against the “will of the people”.

Those same “people” “are the hands that feed them”…..   These “people” can (will?)  choose not to do business with them…..Thereby voiding any  growth  these businesses  hope to achieve.

It is further understood that a plan is afoot, advising Mr. Medwedeff specific advise on how he can win over each Councilman. (we all have an ” achilles heel”).

Marco is known as “the jewel of the Gulf”

TRIP ADVISOR is saying “come here for the peace, quite, tranquility and unspoiled beauty”

The Marriott describes Marco as ” a peek into paradise”

The MI Chamber of Commerce:  ( one of their mantras)   “in order to protect the quality of life.”

Let’s keep it that way…..

Let your Councilmen know… Say NO to the Marriott expansion… They ARE listening……

send your e-mails to…….. (City Manager)

AND, let the local businesses know too!


– Virginia Bingle, Marco Island


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