Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Victor Rios



My name is Victor Rios, and I am a candidate for Marco Island City Council.

This past weekend the Eye on Marco newsletter published falsehoods impuning me. This newsletter is written by the “8th member” of City Council (only 7 are elected), Bill McMullan, who is attempting to manipulate the residents of Marco Island.  Mr. McMullan claims that the Eye on Marco doesn’t endorse candidates, but of course he does everything just short of that.

The facts are just the opposite of what Mr. McMullan stated.  3 days after announcing my candidacy he sent me an e-mail  telling me not to run.  He called me repeatedly and sent me emails asking me to call him, all to ask me to quit the race. No matter how many times I said no, he would not give up.  Now he sees my campaign in full gear with many supporters and has timed his publication to try to achieve, via falsehoods, what he has not been able to do with his quest for me to be out of the race.

I do not like dirty politics.  I do not appreciate Mr. McMullan’s attempt to manipulate the residents of Marco Island and insult their intelligence by doing so.  I have run and will continue to run on my ethics and long dedication to the City of Marco island, and my history of community service which was very well explained on my letter to you on August 12.

The record needs to be set straight, to give Marco Island voters the choice to vote for a candidate with a proven record of honesty and one who walks the walk and talks the talk.


Victor N Rios
Candidate for MI City Councilor
970 Cape Marco Drive Unit 508
Marco island, FL 34145

PS I have the e-mail that he sent me on July 18, just 3 days after I announced my candidacy, and I can provide it to you if you wish.

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