Sunday, November 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Victor N Rios



To the editor:

It is unfortunate that Councilor Honecker has resorted to a direct personal
attack and create discord amongst City Councilors.

I forgive Mr. Honecker since it is obvious that he has let anger trump
common sense.

When I ran for City Councilor of Marco island, I promised that I would be
“an independent voice on City Council”. I committed to be a good steward for
our citizens’ money and I promised that I would Walk the Walk and Talk the
Talk. In other words I committed to say it like it is, and that is what I
have been doing and will continue to do.

It is the job of City Council to challenge City Staff (including the
Manager) when they present to Council. Contrary to what Mr. Honecker says, I
am fully prepared, not only for all items on the agenda, but also on all
city matters, and do ask probing questions when I see problems. When I see
issues I make sure they are addressed.

Frankly I am miffed by Mr. Honecker’s comments, but it is obvious that he is
on a mission to discredit me. I can only speculate on what motivates him to
take this approach so it is not worth it to respond point by point, which,
by the way I could but I refuse to diminish the office of Councilor and get
into an LTE war.

What our citizens want is a City Council that looks for their best interest
and openly challenge the status quo.

When I ran for City Councilor I was warned by some friends that politics
could be dirty. These friends, who know me well knew that I would be at the
forefront of challenging the status quo. Those dirty politics started soon
after I announced my candidacy and there was a concerted effort to discredit
me. Fortunately many of our citizens saw through that “fog” of politics and
elected me and I believe I have not disappointed them. My energy will
continue to be on openness and deliver what I promised.

I thank all my supporters and the continued flow of phone calls and
encouraging letters sent to me by my fellow Marco island neighbors. To all
of you I humbly say “Thank you” for you unwavering support and faith on my
serving you.


Victor N Rios


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