Monday, December 6, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Veterans Park (Joan Gerberding)



To Whom It May Concern,

As a fulltime resident of Marco Island, I must voice my opinion AGAINST the construction of a building in Veteran’s Park! I join thousands of other residents who are appalled at the idea of losing this park and putting up yet another building.

At a recent city council meeting, a study showing that 80% of the Marco residents polled were AGAINST building at Veteran’s Park was tabled. How do you table a majority opinion? How do you ignore the wishes of 80% of Marco Island’s population?

Marco Island attracts residents and visitors because it has always respected a balance between nature and the human beings who wish to live and visit here. With our green spaces dwindling–and our burrowing owls, eagles and gopher turtles looking for new nests–we have got to stop taking away all of the land. We want a space where we can see and touch and smell green grass, trees and sky.

Veteran’s Park is a P A R K. Not a place where a building and cement parking lot take over. It’s a beautiful space where many creative, respectful and honorable activities and events are held. Yes, even the Farmer’s Market that brings traffic with it…but it also brings happy retired folks, families with kids and dogs, residents and visitors just wanting to walk outside in the beautiful weather with other people. Oh yes, and it also brings in revenue. How can you take this away from our city and its residents??!!

Nature, our green spaces and what we do with it, is certainly at the heart of who we are as a people, as a country…and as the City of Marco Island. It is the best example of our humanity and civilization. We can’t keep on destroying it.

I’ve heard from dozens of friends and neighbors who share this opinion. It’s time for you people to have some kind of vision for this Island; one that includes saving some of nature’s beauty that attracted us all here in the first place.

Stop “paving paradise to put up a parking lot!”

Sincerely, Joan Gerberding

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