Saturday, December 4, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Veterans Park (Dawn Kuhn)



I just read with great interest the proposed building for the Veterans Community Service Center. When the citizens of Marco Island voted to spend $11 million for the Glon property we were given the opportunity to view different proposals for the new park.

It wasn’t voted on to be a “Veteran’s” park but a park for the citizens of Marco Island. There was to be peripheral parking, not a huge parking lot in the middle of the property, lots of shade trees, a play ground for the children, most importantly an outdoor amphitheater similar to the one in Cambier Park and Bonita Springs for outdoor concerts and entertainment for the enjoyment of all. This was especially important as the one that had been promised and permitted at the Esplanade was suddenly turned into an outdoor commercial bar. Also suggested down the road was a community theater.

I don’t have anything against the veterans, I love what they have done for the country and what they stand for. They now occupy a beautiful area of the park. Just remember this park was to be for the benefit and enjoyment of all the Citizens of Marco Island, not a select few. Please go back and review what the park was meant to be and why we voted to spend $11 million to acquire this special piece of property. Let’s get back to the original plan and make sure all of the citizens are able to enjoy and benefit from this beautiful piece of property in the heart of Marco Island.

There are plenty of places for the veteran’s to meet now and we are building a brand new community center in Mackle Park that will accommodate them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

Sincerely, Dawn Kuhn

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