Friday, October 22, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Traffic Signal Collier/Bayside Area



I ask council to take a close look at a tentative decision to locate the proposed stoplight at Saturn.

Let’s go back to the beginning. The primary need for a light is to provide safe access to traffic traveling North on Collier from the Bayside area. Traffic from and to the area from the South is expeditiously handled now and will continue to be handled by easy access from Seaview Ct., Saturn and Collier. This needs no change.

• The sketch of the Saturn concept provides some interesting facts. For openers, the Saturns do not line up. It will be necessary to construct left turn lanes on both median strips along with other additions to the paving. This will be costly in dollars and an inconvenience to all residents. All of this is already in place at Bayside and Collier. No expenditures. None.

• Assuming you place the light at Saturn, you now turn all the Northbound traffic onto Collier heading within a short distance right back through the Bayside intersection where it compounds the problems. To avoid this, it will be necessary to close the median strip and require all turns and turnarounds to take place at Saturn, further adding to congestion in that area and, I’m sure making no one happy. Imagine the inconvenience to businesses along the East side of Collier.

• I have been told that FDOT requires that unless the intersection is a 4-way, the residents must pay the cost of the stoplight. I certainly don’t want to be overly critical of FDOT. The condition of Florida’s highway system certainly among the best in the country, speaks to the effectiveness of FDOT. Perhaps a minor shift from one size fits all isn’t impossible. Since our plan avoids substantial expenditure at Saturn could that be a credit against the cost of the light? Who knows, I must admit I don’t know the cost of the modern stoplight system. With more than fifty years in the construction business I am aware the work at Saturn won’t be incidental.

• Back to the beginning. If we return to Bayside, we will accomplish our goal. During heavy conditions, the intersection will be a bit time consuming what with left turns, turnarounds, bicycle, pedestrian crossings and baby buggies. But it will be safe. Isn’t that number one?

Thank you,

Frank Leydecker

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