Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Tony Costantino



Over the past several weeks the local news publications have given Marco residents the opportunity to voice their opinions concerning the candidates for city council in the upcoming election.

The single candidate that truly stands out is Mr. Victor Rios.  Victor is a dynamic individual that will dedicate his proven organizational skills towards the betterment of our island home.

Victor Rios will bring back some semblance of fiscal and social sanity to our island.  Victor is dedicated to the preservation of the residential quality of life that brought us to this paradise. He is not part of the real estate and big business push that threatens to destroy our way of life here on Marco.

If given the opportunity Victor Rios will prove to be a refreshing change by championing residential interests. He has the ability to introduce a sane rate of change that does not overshadow the original charter of our residential island.
Please consider this when casting your vote

Tony Costantino (full time resident)
Marco Island Fl

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